'October' by StacyJMT

Every person has a vision.

A calling. A unique purpose in life.

For 21-year-old Stacy Jean-Marie Taylor, that vision is in photography. She sees the world with a perspective that is uniquely her own. And through her gift, she is able to share her vision.

From innovative abstracts to inspirational landscapes, Stacy portrays the beauty of Creation in her photographs. She strives to produce pictures that are thought-provoking and spirit-lifiting.

"People these days are surrounded by concrete. So many people do not always get to travel, and they do not realize the beautiful world out there. I hope to share this beautiful world through my photographs."

Using the tools she has at hand with her camera, Stacy's goal is to capture an image--whether lifelike, Impressionist, or abstract--without the use of digital editing.

By experimenting with different types of lighting, shutter speeds, and aperture settings, Stacy begins to paint with light.

'Ribbons' Abstract Photography by StacyJMT

'Harry' by StacyJMT

My Paws

Taking her vision a step further, Stacy has created "My Paws" -- the animal world, seen through the eye of her camera lens. Beautiful, tender, powerful, or funny, the images she captures of creatures tame and wild speak to the human heart, and illustrate the connectedness of God's world.

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